How to Compare Remote Access Software

There are various different PC Remote Access software programs out there which are designed to help you access your computer from another location. Even though there are hundreds of different programs which basically do the same thing, they are not all the same and have some important differences between them. Here is how you can compare PC programs in order to select the one that will be right for you.

* Check which platforms are supported

Different Remote Software programs support different platforms. While it is now common for software vendors to create software which has numerous versions that can run on different platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac), this is not the case with all programs. So you will need to check out the software to make sure that the operating systems that you use on both the client and server PC’s are supported.

* If you will use the program on a mobile device, make sure that this is supported

There are now many people who use Remote Control programs to connect to their PC’s from a mobile device like a smart phone. If you plan to do this, then you will need to see whether the software you are thinking of using supports access from mobile devices. Again, you will find plenty of programs that do, however this is not the case for all software.

* Think of how many computers you will be using the software on

If you will be using the on multiple server computers, then you usually need to have multiple licenses to install the software on each computer. Many software vendors offer discounts and specials for those that will be buying multiple licenses of the software and some may allow one license to be used on a few computers. In any case, if you will be using the software on more than one PC, then this is something you need to check.

* Take a look at the price

Of course, when comparing software, one of the things that we logically look at is the price. Some remote access programs are actually free, however do take note that they may not have all advanced features that you need and that the support on free or open source programs is generally very limited. If you are buying commercial software, then price obviously becomes an issue. However it should never be your main decision point, as software that is too cheap may not always be of the best quality.

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