Google accused Microsoft of copying the results in Bing

Waters are all jumbled up between Google and Microsoft for a public denunciation of copy of results has made the first of Bing, the search engine company launched by Steve Ballmer to compete with the Mountain View giant.

Google’s accusation has been captured through the official blog of this company, not a legal status in court. Since the company founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page argues that it has carried out test results are handled in its own search engine, a few weeks outof the way Bing.

The detailed explanation can be found in the corresponding entry in the official Googleblog, but roughly what has happened is that the multinational form have linked an invented word (eg hiybbprqag) with a real web page and indexed data on their servers.

Later, in a computer with a clean installation of Windows 7 with Bing toolbar for InternetExplorer installed, we searched for the term on Google and manipulated in Bing.

Obviously, at first the results differed completely: while Google’s search returns a singleresult (the handling) in Bing offered nothing … until I started doing it, and offering thesame results as Google, the same page.

Bing How could link an existing page with an invented word if the connection wasestablished by Google in an arbitrary manner, you can not find any natural connectionbetween the two sides of the equation? Google’s conclusion was simple: Bing toolbar orInternet Explorer with “suggested sites”enabled, sent information to Microsoft servers onthe user’s navigation, which gave rise to the linkage between the term manipulated Google and the result obtained in this way.

Without denying this point, Microsoft has stated that although one of the many inputsreceived by Bing servers to improve performance and enhance the quality of the resultsthey offer are the navigation data collected from users, have also argued the testconducted by Google has been designed so that the only possible outcome wasaccusation against Bing.

Who among us is right? Personally, I doubt that the issue comes to trial, and that the matter would be discussed on which is a quite slippery, and either bring the warring parties to win … or lose.

I fear that this controversy (sour, no doubt) is going to be in the same as when twowolves fangs are taught: the challenge but, deep down, know that neither will attack. Fit well with the females of the herd, though, and in this case we play such a role users.

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