Yahoo Will Switch to Bing Search Engine

At the corporate level, Microsoft and Yahoo have agreed on a search and advertising partnership, potentially raising their joint search share to 25 percent of the market. What users will notice, however, is Yahoo switching to Bing’s search engine. Update: The story went from sourced to officially announced after this post went up. If you’re a […]

WebOS 2.0 Now Official, Arriving On Palm Pre 2 “In the Coming Months” In US

It’s always nice when rumors actually hold up: HP just officially introduced the world to webOS 2.0 and confirmed its flagship handset, the Palm Pre 2. So this is why HP spent all that money. Let’s take a quick spin. Much of what we saw in those leaked webOS 2.0 screen shots has been confirmed: Stacks and JustType, baked […]

Roles of SEO

The world of Internet Marketing has evolved greatly over the last few years as more and more consumers turn to online services to fulfil their marketing needs. In the past consumers would have to look up in the yellow pages to find the phone number for a retailer or service and then contact them to find […]

17 Highly Effective Strategies to Increase Search Engine Rankings

Search engines are still one of the most effective ways to drive traffic to your web site. This is because it is highly targeted traffic. A person searching for a particular phrase on a search engine, gets taken to your web site. It makes sense then, to make your site as attractive as possible to […]

Google Ranking Tips

Google is by far the most popular search engine available today for both ordinary surfers and webmasters. Surfers like it because of the highly relevant results it gives, and the speed at which it delivers them. This is due to its complex text matching algorithm and of course the Pagerank™ system that this engine uses. […]

The Basis of Search Engine Optimization in Online Marketing

There are lots of methods that can be used when utilizing search engine optimization.Most search engines list a page depend on keyword phrases and many times annex value if the keyword arrive within some concentration level. Search engine optimization is a kind of complicated methods that help to improve the placing of a website in […]