April 3 lineup for congressional primary includes Del. Rick Impallaria; Ivey bows out

The lineup is complete for the April 3 primary to choose party nominees for Congress. Several candidates filed before the Wednesday 9 p.m. deadline, among them Harford County Del. Rick Impallaria. He will compete with Harford County Republican Sen. Nancy Jacobs for the chance to unseat Democratic Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger, who faces no primary opponent. [...]

Movie Crowds Shrink to 16-Year Low Despite Big-Budget Productions

Hollywood has more tricks in its bag than ever with digital 3-D and other new film tools. Yet as the images on screen get bigger and better, movie crowds keep shrinking — down to a 16-year low as 2011′s film lineup fell well short of studios’ record expectations.Through New Year’s Eve on Saturday, projected domestic [...]

Occupy Wall Street – The Issue is Valid but the Actions are Alienating and Counterproductive

The OWS tents in the park are creating an unsanitary environment. The occupiers are carrying signs with no meaningful messages. Here are the basic reasons for Occupy Wall Street’s  justifiable unhappiness: • There are no jobs • The middle class is evaporating • There is no light at the end of the tunnel for the [...]

Amazon Gets Kindle Fire Complaints, Software Update Planned

Predictions for the Kindle Fire have ranged from it being the iPad killer to its less expensive equal, but one thing the New York Times’ David Streitfeld writes almost everyone can agree on — it has some kinks to work out.Consumer complaints, such as the lack of external volume control and a slow touch screen, [...]

Warrior (Gavin O’Connor, 2011)

From the second the camera settles on Tommy (Tom Hardy), a former Marine sitting on his father’s doorsteps drinking, no one could fail to see that something is wrong with him. Tommy carries scars not only from Iraq but his childhood, and at times it seems as if the ones from the latter affect him [...]

The Message from U.S. Politicians to American Companies: Either Move Out or Go Bankrupt!

Wake up! Where are our jobs? They are being shipped overseas along with our wealth. Too many of our dollars spent on foreign manufactured products are spent directly on imports, including much of our capital equipment and strategic items like electronics, computers, transportation equipment, and other machinery. How Did This Happen? China has now accumulated [...]

Building Green and Building Smart Are Often the Same Thing

When people think of green building they often think of things like solar panels, geothermal heating and windmills… all things that can be costly and have a long payback period. But while green building can include those things, it is really more about sustainability, which doesn’t necessarily carry a big price tag. Smart green building can [...]

Facebook Takes Over Gowalla For An Undisclosed Sum Of Money

Facebook Inc. has snapped up the Gowalla, as reported by CNN Money, though none of the companies has practically confirmed about the acquisition taking place on the last Friday. Gowalla, an Austin-based company, revived a couple of  years back as a service providing social location sharing  facilities but it has recast itself recently as a [...]

Semantic Propaganda Feeds Stupidity

We would already have had a much needed American revolution in response to the tyranny of the money-fed two-party plutocracy that is destroying the middle class except for one big problem: so much of the American population is just plain stupid. Too stupid to behave like angry Greeks and rise up in the streets to [...]

US Presidents Come Together for World AIDS Day; Obama Pledges $50 Million in Fight Against Disease

The White House adorned with a Red Ribbon, the symbol of the fight against AIDS, for World AIDS Day. Photo credit: Official White House photo, Chuck Kennedy AIDS has killed more than 27 million people since its discovery in the 1980s, making it one of the deadliest pandemics humanity has ever encountered. According to the [...]

The Myth of Privatization in China

As the People’s Republic of China privatizes companies, there is the illusion that the country is transforming from a communist state to a more capitalist society, like the United States. The reality is dangerously different. The “Socialist Market System” (SMS), as the Chinese call it, is very much what the name implies: a socialist system. [...]

Public Sector Strikes: What Damage Will They Do?

Public sector strikes set to take place next week, on November 30th, could bring the country to a halt, with schools across the country closed down.Heathrow passengers may see 12 hour delays as immigration officers strike over pensions. Up to 3 million workers are expected to strike, in the largest action ever seen in the United [...]

Congressional ‘super Committee’ Fails to Reach Agreement on Budget Deficit Reduction

The 12-member bipartisan super committee tasked with coming up with $1.5 trillion in budget cuts by November 23 isn’t looking so super: According to CNN, the committee’s discussions on Sunday moved from where to trim to how to announce their failure to reach an agreement. The super committee is a hangover from the last time the [...]

We Must Start Fixing America Now

The United States has morphed from a manufacturing society to a service society, leading to the greatest number of unemployed/underemployed Americans since the Great Depression. With working Americans making less and less, the U.S. is running out of funding for its welfare programs. This is happening at a time when programs like health care and [...]

Wealth Gap Burdens the Entire Economy

The increasing gap between the middle class and the wealthy has garnered a great deal of attention over the last several years. Even before Occupy Wall Street’s rally against the 1 percent was a whisper in the wind, there were significant moral outcries against a growing inequality in income. But beyond the ethical implications, economists [...]

Adam Sandler Does Not Care What You Think

Jack and Jill, the latest Adam Sandler movie/laughter-devouring black hole, looks transcendentally bad. In it, Sandler does his best Norbit/Nutty Professor Eddie Murphy impression and plays both a brother and sister. (As with most Sandler or Murphy-helmed atrocities, Jack and Jill performed decently at the box office, grossing about $26 million in its first weekend.) Al Pacino is somehow in it, playing [...]

U.S. Subsidized Lamb Producers Due To WTO Ruling

The membership of the United States in the World Trade Organization (WTO) has made it nearly impossible for the U.S. to instate trade policies that are in the best interest of the country. In fact, the United States loses 9 out of 10 cases that are brought against it in the WTO. In 1999, the [...]

Customer Centric Trumps Customer Service Every Time

New product startups rightfully begin with a heads-down focus on creating the ultimate product – whether it’s a new technology, a new look and ease of use, or a new low-cost delivery approach. Most then add customer service at the rollout, but very few really understand what it means to be truly customer centric, and [...]

Groupon Raises $700 Million with IPO

Daily deals pioneer Groupon raised about $700 million with an initial public offering of stock priced well above expectations. The IPO was set late Thursday at $20 per share, above the anticipated range of $16 to $18. The higher price indicated investors are eager to snap up the Chicago-based company’s shares. Groupon Inc. is expected [...]

Tankless Water Heaters – A Few More Things to Consider

Pros You can’t put a price tag on going green.  There’s no dispute about this – tankless water heaters use less energy.  Doing the environmentally responsible thing doesn’t always have a measurable return on investment.  I mentioned this last week, but only briefly.   Not everything we spend money on will give us a return [...]