Basic Differences between Hawaii Estate Investors and Real Estate Speculators

There are many people considering the Hawaii real estate market as a way to make money in a relatively brief period of time, but there are two different types of people you can find in this field. The real estate investor is the person who continuously makes profit and places it back into the business. […]

Teva Pharmaceutical Is On Sale

In the world of big Pharma the next few years are now known as the drug patent cliff.  The biggest drug companies in the world will have many of their best selling drugs coming off patent protection. In fact, 22 of the largest 50 small molecule drugs in the industry are open to generic competition in the […]

Are You Eligible for an EB5 Investor Visa?

EB5 investor visa eligibility is based on the amount of legal funds available for foreign investors to invest in the United States. It is a fast-track process to becoming a permanent U.S. resident. This article will outline some steps you can take if you are considering applying for the EB5 program. An Eb-5 Investor Visa is […]

How the EB5 Investor Visa Compares to Other Business Visa Programs

If you are visiting the United States on business it is possible to obtain an A-2 Visa for the purpose of your business trip. This Visa will cover business activities such as meetings, seminars and work specific to the trip. A-2 Visas can normally be obtained for a period of up to 90 days. It […]

Alternative Energy and Climate Change Mutual Funds

Understanding the costs of green energy mutual funds. It’s been a bit over a year since I last looked at the mutual funds in the Clean Energy sector.  Each year, I comb through their  portfolios for new ideas on where to invest my own funds and those of my green-minded clients, with the added bonus […]

The Problem with Green Stocks (PPB #8)

While conscious investing can be an excellent way to support the emerging green economy, issues with the way the sector is structured can make matters complicated. One complicating factor for people looking to invest in green stocks is that many green companies are wholly owned subsidiaries of not-so-green companies. This is certainly a problem for […]

Separating Sense From Nonsense in Energy Storage Investing

For the last few days the green transportation press has been beside itself withbreaking news that the battery pack for the Nissan Leaf costs a staggeringly cheap $375 per kWh. They point to the Times of London as their source, but fail to note that the cost figure was buried in a throwaway sentence in the seventeenth […]

Requirements for Obtaining an EB5 Investor Visa

The EB5 Investor program for immigrants is one of the most complicated immigration laws in the United States of America. It is also one of the most popular and sought-after programs ever conceived in the country. It is still growing in popularity as time goes on. There are various requirements though for getting one of […]

Start investing with $100

If you’re looking to turn a 100 bucks into, well, more than a 100 bucks, The Blueprint for Financial Prosperity blog has a few quick tips. These strategies take advantage of banks’ special promotions – like Sharebuilders’ $50 for a new account and ING’s $25 referral fees. Of course this only works if you want accounts […]

How to Invest in the Stock Market in Canada

When it comes to stock markets, the financial markets of Toronto, Ontario in Canada are often overshadowed by the exchanges of New York City. The Canadian market remains important for domestic and multinational companies alike and this article highlights the steps to investing there successfully. For anyone considering investing money in the Canadian Stock Market there […]

Glenn Beck Was Right About Investing In Gold

Glenn Beck has beenlambasted for being a Goldline huckster. But for the fourth straight day in world markets, the price of gold has broken previous records, trading at $1,313.45 per ounce. A weaker dollar means a richer Beck!

Are Bonds Really Risk Free?

If you are a neophyte investor, perhaps you have never invested in bonds before. Before you invest, you need to understand some of the risks associated with investing in bonds. Most people assume that all fixed-income investment instruments are completely risk free, but this is not the case. Even if you are an experienced investor, […]

Waiting to Invest in a Safe Market

The stock market is a great place to invest and there are many different opportunities to make money while supporting businesses in it. However, in order to benefit from investing in the stock market, you must make wise market investing decisions. Before you invest any money, you must do some research. You must find out […]

Real Estate Investor Financing And Capital

For real estate investors, there are two things that are always in short supply regardless of the ups and downs in the economy: capital and quality inventory. Most investors that I have worked with not only need capital but strategies to go after capital that is not issued based solely on a credit score. Even […]

Real estate funds lead pack but may not last

BOSTON • Real estate investors don’t have to own property to make a buck. They can invest in stocks of real estate investment trusts, which own and sometimes operate commercial, industrial and retail properties. In good times, it’s kind of like enjoying the milk without having to buy the cow. You can pocket the gains […]