SEO’ing in a Social World

SEO is dead sang the “Social Evangelist”. Um Yah riiiiiiigt.

SEO is as important than ever. Here is the reason. Social media is tied to , and Yahoo. How?

Bing serves results for Yahoo. Bing pulls much of their data from Facebook. In fact, it is believed that results are influenced by some of the data that Facebook provides to Bing. Like “Likes”. I suppose this is a good time to do the gratuitous:

Although Google does not supposedly get as much data as Bing gets, they too track likes and also your links in Twitter. Never mind no follow tags in Twitter.  The social evangelistas will claim it has something to do with so called “social authority”. That’s just propaganda called links. Its always about links.

There is another item that just might be effecting your sites reputation in the SERPS. But I will save that for another day.

Plus One: Likes are the new links Since posting Google added their own twist to social search. Called +1. It is their version of the Like button. I have yet to see it in the SERPS. Lets see what happens. More commentary later.

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