Ways to Increase the Usability of Your Website for Better SEO

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For many website owners, it is very important to be on the first page of search results of search engines. For this reason, they put time and effort in  strategies. Little do they know that optimizing a website’s search engine rankings should also go hand in hand with optimizing the usability of the website for its visitors. Simply put: if the people can find the website through search engines, then once they visit the website they must be able to actually use it. Perform a thorough and analyzed keyword research prior to creating your Search Engine Marketingstrategy. You should not only focus on the keywords that will put your website on top of search engine results placement (SERP), but you should also consider the keywords that people actually type in the search fields. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself what words you would use to find your website, and then try to optimize these terms if the competition is not too high. Here are some other tips in designing your SEO strategy: Use CSS layout for your website: You will be able to create clean looking web pages, and you will be able to strategize easily on the placement of your content. Furthermore, search engines are able to give higher scores for websites that have CSS codes than others. CSS-based websites are usually downloaded faster than others because of their lower HTML file size. People these days want to see their websites immediately without wait times. Provide high quality content: This is very important to your customers in Internet Marketing. If they see that your website has valuable information that they can use or forward to others, then the likelihood that they will visit your website again is high. Consider having unique, creative and updated content on your website for your target market. Another reason why you need high quality content throughout your website is to have more links pointing back to your website. Market your website in forums, networking websites and even ask other people to link back to your site. Search engines see how many backlinks you have and will reward you with a higher page rank. Provide clear descriptions and labels. Include opening paragraphs, descriptive links and clear headings. You cannot just put “click here” on a link label; you need to give your readers a clear description of where the links lead to. You need to put headings and subheadings so that you can show your user that there is clear organization in your website, and also for indexing purposes. Adding short opening paragraphs will also help your reader have more information about your website. Always remember: the attention span of people browsing the internet is very short, so giving them easy-to-find and important information is crucial in increasing the usability of your website.

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