Some Myths about Internet Marketing and SEO Explained

There are a lot of people who contact a Boston SEO company because they want to increase the rank that their website will have on search engines. Obviously, this is a good goal to have. After all, with all the competition online, many businesses could use a boost from an increased search engine ranking. But there are still a lot of myths that surround the whole SEO business which still persist today.

According to a recent report by Peter Crisafi, the Vice President of an Internet Marketing Agency, there are plenty of such myths and disinformation that are floating around discussion forums and webmaster groups. Dispelling them is the right thing to do, as it will allow many webmasters to do their SEO right. Here are some of these myths:

* SEO is something that you only do once.

While of course, you need to start somewhere and it may involve a complete overhaul of your website, SEO is something that is continuous and not just something that you “set and forget”.

* Keyword density is the most important element of SEO

We all know that keywords are an important part of SEO and that having useful content which is geared towards some targeted keywords can increase your ranking. However, some webmasters overdo it. They publish content that is barely legible and is stuffed with keywords that are simply repeated dozens of time on a page, in a way that reading the page would become quite tedious for a normal user. This will hurt, rather than help, you position on search engines.

* Having PPC (pay per click) ads on your site hurts your SEO

Any good Digital Marketing  Agency will tell you that this is not true. If you are a publisher of PPC ads on your site, these ads will be relevant to your content, as , as well as third party networks such as Bidvertiser and Miva like to make the ads on your page relevant to your content to increase quality for the advertiser and increase your click through rate. There is no evidence to suggest that PPC ads on your site play any big role in SEO.

* Backlinks can be obtained from anyone

Quality backlinks from relevant sites can be good for you. The problem arises when you get backlinks from sites that aren’t relevant at all to your own site’s content. What is worse is when you get backlinks from sites that are little more than a link dump, or a collection of links for a wide variety of websites that are not related to each other. Buying backlinks from shady sources on webmaster forums is thus not recommended, as these are often of poor quality and will end up hurting, rather than helping, your search engine position.

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