Retailers Ready to Use PPC Services Other than Google According to Survey

If you use the services of a Boston Search Engine Marketing company, then chances are quite high that they will offer you to advertise your website via the Google Adwords pay per click advertising service. The reason behind this is actually quite simple; Google remains the top player on the internet. They have the world’s most popular search engine and also the most popular pay per click advertising service around. Many businesses prefer to use them because of the high quality traffic that comes from both their search engine results as well as their pay per click service.

However, Google is not the only game in town when it comes to pay per click advertising. Many Boston Online Marketing experts are recommending that their clients also use other services to promote their businesses on the internet. While Google does give a powerful marketing platform to online retailers and marketers, there are plenty of people who are dissatisfied with their service. Many of them are affiliate marketers who have simply been booted off of Adwords with little or no explanation from Google. Some are online retailers who believe that Adwords is simply too expensive and complicated to use correctly.

According to a survey done by Internet Retailer, 41 percent of respondents have stated that they will be shifting over at least a part of their pay per click budget to Google’s rival . The search engine, owned by Microsoft, has recently made some changes to their pay per click advertising platform in an effort to draw in more customers. Now that they have combined their service with Yahoo Search Marketing, they can offer business owners with an increased traffic base and higher quality to compete with Google.

Despite the fact that there are many other marketing methods available to online merchants, such as social media marketing and email marketing, according to the Internet Retailer survey, 49 percent of merchants will be increasing the amount of that they spend on pay per click marketing. These results are actually not surprising, as many companies are beginning to see just how important online marketing can be to the success of their business and are now willing to spend more on it. And it is not just pay per click advertising service use that is growing. ManyBoston Web Development companies are seeing an increased amount of clients who either want to build an e-commerce site, or need help developing a completely new one. While pay per click ads remain popular, SEO efforts are still being deployed by many companies. This is explained by various online marketing experts, who say that many e-commerce sites use pay per click marketing to draw attention to specific products or promotions that they are having, while using SEO to ensure brand awareness and continued growth of their overall website.


Karen Barney wrote this article to inform people about the advantages of internet marketing. She believes that through digital marketing, email marketing, and other internet marketing techniques companies can achieve a great level of success.

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