Marketing Rules of the 21st Century
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The magnetic poles have reversed in the world of marketing over the last decade.  Many of the marketing tips you’d read in a textbook from 2000 would steer you into disaster in the present-day business environment.  In fact, marketing has changed so much that today’s most effective methods are the exact opposite of those taught to business students in the past. 

Traditionally, the rules of marketing have stressed the idea that broader is better.  Students have been encouraged to envision products that appeal to a wide audience.  They have been taught that advertising messages should reach out to as many potential buyers as possible.  These rules are meant to culminate in a brand name “empire” that can be integrated into many different product categories.  While these methods have worked for big names in the past, they won’t be very useful to marketers today.  This is due to the fragmentation of consumers into highly specific groups as a consequence of the internet and new media outlets.

So what does work in marketing today?  The most effective marketing campaigns in recent years have targeted a very specific audience and attempted to convert these audience members into advertisers themselves.  These campaigns aim to identify a group of individuals that could potentially become avid supporters of the product being marketed.  Then, the idea is to push these people to talk about the product on their social media pages.  Marketing has been shifted into the control of the consumer now.  For the best marketing results, turn your key customers into your key spokespeople.

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