Level Up: Paying With Your Phone

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At many coffeeshops in any given city in America, it has becoming more and more popular to pay not with a giftcard or even liquid cash–people have started using mobile applications to pay for little food and beverage purchases. Lunchtime is extremely busy at a lot of these stores with lines often going out the doors. Apps such as the one Starbucks provides its customers makes it easy to quickly make a purchase just by opening up the application on your smartphone.           

Level Up is a similar application, connected to your bank account, with which you can use to pay at a participating restaurant. How can your business benefit from a marketing scheme such as this one? Well, Level Up alerts users of any deals in the area through an email. Similar to Groupon, if you choose to pay with Level Up, the discount is automatically applied. It’s great for the business and great for Level Up.           

 Also, with Level Up it is easier for your business to keep track of what items are the most popular. You can review the data collected by Level Up to coordinate future discounts and promotions. As smartphones get more and more popular, these applications will be a great way to get ahead of the curve.

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