How Much Time Do We Spend on Social Media?
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We all know that Social Media is kind of a big deal in today’s digital era, and we take it for granted how much we spend browsing Facebook, sharing photos, and posting Tweets on our every action and movement in the day. But in the most recent Annual Social Media Report, Americans collectively spend an average of 121 billion minutes on Social Media per month, which calculates to every person using an average of roughly thirteen to nineteen minutes of Social Media per day. This of course doesn’t take into effect the outliers- the people who use it
way more often than that, or the people that don’t use Social Media at all (an estimated 33% of Americans don’t use it), but it’s still a staggering statistic.

How do some of our daily routines compare to how often we use Social Media?

-Brushing Teeth is done probably on average of two to three times a day, but not really exceeding three minutes per brushing session; especially since kids hate doing it and try to get it done with as quick as possible.

-We spend about an average of one hour per day eating; if each meal was divided by three, we spend about the same time as one meal as we do using Social Media

-Seventeen minutes are spent thinking or relaxing

-Nineteen minutes are spent participating in sports, exercise, and other physical activities

-We read on average 18 minutes per day -2.7 hours of TV (not surprising given how much of TV is structured in one hour time slots for shows)

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