Can Mobile Game Subscription Service Encourage Developers?

An increasing number of mobile game developers are finding it hard to compete with the already established brands and popular apps. Due to the success of smartphones like the apple iPhone, many video game developers now have started or completed at least one iPhone Game Development project. But this has also resulted in the overcrowding of the apps market where the games only sell for cents.

Although multiple platforms have provided more opportunities by participating in Android Game Development projects, it is still a saturated market. Many game makers struggle to reach a large audience and often the income generated cannot offset the cost of production or the time invested. This is where companies like Exent come into play with their Game Tanium all-you-can-eat-mobile-games subscription service. This is different from the common “pay per download” business model.

If you manage to partner up with Exent and many other mobile game subscription services then marketing won’t be something to worry about. Exent has brought back the big players, namely the mobile carriers in to the apps market who were kicked out by the platform owners like . These carriers will promote your games as their own branded games giving you the best exposure you could get. Millions of people visit carrier portals every year and if your game is featured there, there is a very high chance that it will interest some users, who will want to play it on their mobile phones.

Struggling game makers have tried all remedies from utilizing better game art services to changing entire platforms from flash based to HTML 5, but at the end of the day it’s all about exposure. This is exactly what a mobile subscription can deliver — exposure. And of course it all boils down to the point where having a ‘good’ game is all that matters. If a game is well received by users, they will keep playing it and will actually be a lot more inclined to play any games released by the same game development company.

The cost of this service is $4.99 a month to gamers and many new, unexplored amazing games will be added to the list. The profits are of course shared with the developers and the carriers based on various criteria while users can get all the games for free, isn’t that a win-win deal? The end result is the game developers have more time to develop their games further, add new content or develop new games while the game is marketed by these services.

This could only mean more customers, loyal fans and better retention of existing customers. Mobile subscription services are truly a great boon for game developers and distributers alike, who each take a share of the profits generated by the increasing popularity of games that are based on mobile platforms like the iPhone.


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