The Message from U.S. Politicians to American Companies: Either Move Out or Go Bankrupt!

Wake up! Where are our jobs?

They are being shipped overseas along with our wealth. Too many of our dollars spent on foreign manufactured products are spent directly on imports, including much of our capital equipment and strategic items like electronics, computers, transportation equipment, and other machinery.

How Did This Happen?

China has now accumulated trillions of U.S. dollars of currency reserves, of which over $1 trillion are in U.S. treasury bonds. This has happened through their escalating balance of trade surpluses with America – they sell to us much more than we sell to them. In the process, China has been instrumental in putting many of our American manufacturers out of business.

Most of the lobbying firms include ex-elected and appointed government officials at the highest levels of government with intimate knowledge of what it takes to have legislation passed for the benefit of their sponsors, the foreign lobbies who may pay them up to 20 times or more as lobbyists than they earned as government employees. You can presume your representatives are not representing you at all when you observe what is happening to us – when you see what your representatives are allowing foreign countries to do to us.

Our laws are only helping foreign manufacturers, not the American people!

Sure, these foreign manufacturers provide some insourced jobs to Americans, but there are relatively few jobs in relation to the output. The high wage manufacturing jobs leave along with American ownership.

It is the ultimate loss of sovereignty – we have become a nation that is unable to do the things that are in our best interest. It is a reflection of the path America is now forced to follow, with production declining, an over-reliance on imports, towering debts and ever-increasing loans to sustain it.

Time to Wake Up!

Most of us don’t realize these dramatic changes are taking place. America is becoming a much different country than it was when you grew up in it. You will be leaving your children with a legacy they did not expect.

Every year the U.S. spends $1 trillion on the military, which is stretched too thin all across the globe. The U.S. cannot afford this and it has very little needed benefit for the country. We have no one protecting our economy at home which has in the past generated our wealth. Our priorities are distorted and out of place.

Despite all our fire power, we absolutely cannot determine our own fate as members of the WTO. Our economy, the source of our wealth, is controlled by others who do not have our best interest at mind. They are making self serving decisions to our detriment. This thanks to the agreements we signed. We must, must, must be our own masters. We must be able to run our own country for our own benefit, which we, attributable to our agreements with the WTO and NAFTA, are not allowed to do.

America has become lost, we have no goals – no clear direction. We can’t make our own weapons, we are so entrenched in debt that our childrens’ children will not even be able to pay it all back. We owe China over $800 billion plus interest. China, along with other countries, build all the things our country needs to live on to survive. We cannot tell them how to run their country, like we try to do. But we do have a right to protect ourselves from their predatory practices.

The Time For Change is NOW!

Our trade treaties should protect our country from predatory foreign countries seeking to weaken or destroy American industries. To that end, tariffs should be erected where needed and where practical, as was our policy and procedure in the past. Experience has shown that it is futile to expect other countries to adopt our policies on, for instance, fair and free competition. Our tax laws should encourage businesses to STAY in America, not leave.

The Trade War is already here, it has been waged against us for some time now and we have not recognized it. Our present conditions attests to the – our destroyed manufacturing base and our dependence on imports and debt. We must fight now, or forever lose our way of life!

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