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Well I felt it would be good to share with anyone who happens to be updating their iOS devices my own experience with multiple failed attempts at updating my iPad and iPhones. The good news however is an easy fix. I was trying to get the wonderful new features of iOS 5 on my iPad and multiple iPhones with no luck. I went through all the measures that are listed as quick fixes on the site:

iTunes up to date: ✔
Operating system up to date: ✔
Make sure all other USB devices disconnected: ✔
Check Security Settings: ✔
Restart Computer: ✔

I even checked to make sure my AV software was up to date as well with still no luck. At least I was sitting in my living room not in my office and had Netflix at my disposal to pass the time as I repeatedly waited for my iPad to attempt to backup and fail yet again with the 3014 error. I turned off the firewall on my AV software and still error 3014. After numerous failures I went back to good old tech basics. I normally do this anytime I have an issue with anything related to downloading updates not working but for some reason I failed to jump to this solution until repeated failures.

I totally disabled my AV software firewall, AV protection, and Web Protection and finally the restore began. I’m sitting here finally waiting for this to finish with a timer counting down with about 15 more minutes to go. The new iOS installed and my applications being restored back to the device. In a few more minutes I’ll be able to play with the new features and hopefully be able to give some decent reviews and thoughts of that as well. I just wanted to make sure and get this out there so others might be able to avoid my frustration and save some time with a 3014 error that might also haunt you while trying to update your Apple devices. 

Update on Thursday, October 13, 2011 at 1:08AM by Registered CommenterJames Schoonover

As a quick follow up to my earlier post I did want to let you know the website that Apple gives out to help with issues with updates and let you know how my update went. Here is the site: Apple iOS Update Problems I also wanted to say that thus far I am in love with iOS 5. I was a bit disappointed that because I never set my devices to sync apps that I have to re download my apps but I almost see that as a plus because that means I don’t have all the junk apps that I haven’t been using. It’s like a fresh start with a clean beautiful new device. I feel like I just took my iPad out of the box and it’s like new again with great new features. 

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