Ariana Grande Engages in PDA with Backup Dancer In A Donut Shop, Says She Hates America
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Ariana Grande celebrated the Fourth of July on Saturday a little differently than most Americans — the singer got cozy with one of her backup dancers inside a donut shop, where she allegedly licked one of the donuts when the staff wasn’t looking.

It also sounded like she mumbled something about hating America.

Ariana is taking heat from fans today after TMZ published a security cam video showing the “Problem” pop star and one of her backup dancers inside a California donut store on Saturday, where both of them got their tongues awfully close to the confections on display.

The 22-year-old singer went to Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore with dancer Ricky Alvarez and two friends. The video shows Grande and Alvarez pretending to lick some of the donuts that were sitting on a tray on the countertop. But then, things escalated, and it looks like the couple may have actually licked the donuts for real, leaving their saliva to be digested by another unsuspecting customer. Yuck.

Whether or not they actually licked the treats is up for debate, but sources told TMZ that “It was definitely too close for their liking – especially since Ariana pulled the stunt when no one was looking, and they would’ve tossed the contimainted donuts if they knew.”

It appears that staff members leaked the video to TMZ because they were disgusted by the prank, but the video also yielded two additional bombshells, neither of which is particularly flattering for Grande.

The first is that Grande may now be dating Alvarez, as she is seen on the video kissing him more than once while they eyed the donuts (there’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but dating your backup dancer sure seems like a step down from former beau Big Sean).

Second, the part of the video that is getting the biggest play on social media today is what Grande had to say about America (did we mention this took place on the Fourth of July?)

The actress spots a tray of donuts off-camera, and when they’re put in front of her she can be heard saying, “What the f–k is that?

“I hate Americans, I hate America. That’s disgusting.”

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