8 Ideas for Girls Who Are Single on Valentine’s Day

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Whether you are intentionally single on Valentine’s Day or you just recently ended a relationship, there are plenty of fun ways to spend this magical day instead of obsessing over your singlehood. Check out this article for a few ideas.

Being single on Valentine’s Day isn’t the end of the world. Instead of resorting to boyfriend bonfires – bitter activities that require you to burn your ex-boyfriend’s stuff, like in that Friends episode – use this opportunity to celebrate love, in general. V-Day shouldn’t be seen as a day to glorify romance, but to feel grateful for all the love that’s already in your life: for your friends, family, community and, most importantly, yourself.

Regardless of your relationship status, now is the perfect time to be grateful for all the love you’ve received up to this point and to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you. Moreover, you should celebrate all the wonderful things that make you unique and special. Self-love isn’t narcissistic – it’s actually necessary. When you are overflowing with radiance, you are able to convey that radiance to another. Lack of self-appreciation can easily lead to self-neglect and depression, so take the time to notice your good traits and praise yourself for being the remarkable creature you are today.

Single girls can take this day to treat themselves, spend time with friends, or focus on getting one step closer to advancing their career. Here are a few ideas of fun activities you can engage in on Valentine’s Day.  

1.  Throw a Party

Throw a party for all you single fellows and enjoy some video-games, tasty snacks, and pretentious wine. You don’t have to break the bank – just ask everyone invited to contribute with some treats and booze. Alternatively, go out to dinner and a movie with you buddies who are also unattached. “50 Shades of Grey” will be in theaters by now – and we all know that hate-watching it alone is not at all as satisfying as doing it with your BFFs.

2.  Pamper Yourself

If you have to work, call in sick and spend the whole day enjoying homemade beauty treatments. Draw yourself a bath, enjoy a fancy mani-pedi, catch up on sleep. A staycation is often the perfect way to unwind and recharge your batteries.  

3.  Travel

Alternatively, you can head off to explore unknown territories, especially since V-Day will occur during the weekend this year. Go on a day trip to somewhere close by, visit your family, or ask your friends to tag along and organize a full-fledged road trip. Even better, book a room at bed and breakfast and enjoy some nature and alone time.  

4.  Work

Just because people are celebrating all around you doesn’t mean that that you can’t spend the day in, working hard towards advancing your career. Finish that difficult report, get a jump-start on a new task, or focus on your personal projects. It’s extremely rewarding to feel accomplished with where you are in your professional life.   

5.  Relax

If you’re not in the mood for anything, it’s perfectly OK to do nothing. Order food and spend the entire day in your bed. You can binge-watch a new TV show or relax with your favorite romance novels. Ravenous Romance has a great program that allows you to receive every fifth e-book purchased for free. Seems like the perfect time to update your collection.

6.  Do a Good Deed

If you have the day off, why not volunteer to help someone else? Call a local hospital or nursing home to see if there are any patients who don’t have family visiting frequently. Drop in to wish them a Happy Valentine’s Day; don’t forget to bring along a goodie basket or flowers to brighten their day.

7.  Buy Yourself Something Nice

That expensive pair of shows you’ve been dreaming about for the last couple of months? Now may be the perfect time to buy it. If your budget isn’t as generous, opt for less expensive treats – like a decadent ice-cream or red velvet cupcake.

8.  Celebrate Your Friends

Let your friends know how much you value them. Purchase a few cutesy greeting cards and small gifts to celebrate those relationships you value the most. Just because you currently don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you’re alone. Good friends are always there to support you and brighten your day. Show them you’re truly thankful for that.  

Whatever you chose to do, don’t forget that you are defined by who you are, not by who you are or aren’t dating. Don’t frown when passing by all those couples clinging to each other on the street. You’re free and gorgeous; and that’s something worth celebrating every day. 

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