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Rick Perry Leads GOP Presidential Candidates in Attacking Obama’s Israel Stance

Rick Perry, Mitt Romney and their GOP presidential rivals slammed President Barack Obama’s Middle East policies Tuesday while emphatically declaring their own support for Israel as the United Nations considered a bid for Palestinian statehood. Republican front-runner Perry, the Texas governor, denounced the president’s Israel policy as “misguided and dangerous,” speaking to supporters in New […]

Newzbin2 Offers Anti-Blocking Tech To BitTorrent Sites, Releases OS X Version

Last week, Usenet indexer Newzbin2 delivered on their promise of delivering a mechanism to circumvent the court-ordered blocking measures set to hit their site in the weeks to come. After releasing a second version of their encryption software in just three days and an OSX version in under a week, the site’s operators now say […]

Arizona Mortgage Lender’s Association Takes Credit for Killing SB 1259

Remember Arizona’s SB 1259?  It seems like only yesterday that we were watching it disappear on its way to Arizona’s House of Representatives after passing the senate by 28-2. Come on, you remember… it’s the one that homeowner advocate Darrell Blomberg then tried to replace by drafting an amendment that Rep. Carl Seel was committed to proposing until a couple of […]

Distance Learning Education: a Non-Traditional Way to Study

Distance learning education is described as a process to create and provide via Remote Connection, resources to learning materials and tutors. It is a non-traditional form of learning because the students are separated, usually by distance and therefore not in a classroom setting. This form of learning dates back to the seventeenth century when shorthand had […]

Tips to Boost SEO Ranking

SEO optimization is the key goal of every online marketer. The reason behind is in the extremely competitive online industry today, high online viewership is critical to success. Let’s have a complete insight on SEO optimization and tips to boost SEO rankings. SEO Ranking and Its Significance The term SEO is an acronym of “Search […]

Netflix Stumbles

Netflix is taking a beating in the stock market. Ever since their decision to restructure existing plans in July of this year the graph has been going south. CEO Reed Hastings used the word “arrogance”  in a blog post Sunday. This isn’t the first time the mighty have fallen because of that attitude. There have been […]

HSBC Bank Armenia Internet Banking service lists 8000 users

HSBC Bank Armenia Internet Banking service lists 8000 users (25% of the Bank’s total client base), said the head of HSBC Armenia Retail Banking and Wealth Management. At a news conference in Yerevan, Arman Barseghyan gave high assessment to the result achieved, considering the total number of internet users in Armenia. “HSBC Bank Armenia was among […]

The Importance of Choosing Good Partners for Your Online Marketing Campaigns

Whether you are setting up a business that will do all of its activities online, or have a retail location and want to set up a website, then you will be partnering up with other companies, such as a Boston Website Development company to build your website, or a credit card processor to take online payments for […]

Making a Video Game RPG

Okay so I’ve got myself a good grasp on RPG Maker VX now, and I’m starting work on a test game before I launch into my World in Conflict game. While I’m doing this I’d like to use this forum to track progress, hash out ideas and take suggestions for the game. Any suggestions you […]

Facebook, Twitter Become Friends

You got your Facebook in my Twitter! You got your Twitter in my Facebook! The line between these two seemingly competitive social sites is about to get a little less blurry, as Facebook is allegedly close to unveiling a feature that will allow users to update their Twitter accounts directly through Facebook itself. That’s right: […]

Gaming a Billion Dollar Industry

More and more consumers are purchasing hand held devices, for either themselves or for their kids. The video game industry therefore has no intention of slowing down on its development and game quality assurance. It is estimated that the gaming industry will reach $68 billion in profit by the year 2012. This is enough evidence that […]

UK Gov Wants Google To Make Life Difficult for File-Sharing Sites

According to reports this morning, the UK government wants search engines including Google to “make life more difficult” for file-sharing type sites that provide access to copyright infringing material. Tomorrow, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt is expected to tell the Royal Television Society’s Cambridge Convention that he wants search engines to play a much bigger role […]

Wall Street Journal says Mortgage rates hit record low (but does it matter to you?)

We all know (or you should know) thatmortgage rates have hit record lows. Most folks with decent credit scores can get near 4% rates on 30 year fixed conventional loans and even less on FHA loans.  5/1 arms are low 3s… which can make a lot of sense on a good condo or townhouse buy that will […]

White House Blames Solyndra Fiasco On Bush

Incredibly, after spending months touting it’s decision to loan $535 million to the now-bankrupt California solar energy upstart Solyndra, on Wednesday while testifying before Congress about the company’s abrupt shut-down and bankruptcy the Obama reached in its “excuse hat” and pulled out the same tired excuse for its screw ups and failed policies they’ve been […]

Best Thing To Do For Marketing a New Business

There are a myriad things and viewpoints you’ll need to contemplate when looking at marketing new business. The reason being the way you ought to be marketing new business is dependent upon the sort of business along with the context. Firstly what you should understand comprehensive will probably be the nature of what you might […]

Movie studios drive 63 percent of mobile entertainment spending

Entertainment companies led all sectors in terms of mobile advertising spending in the recently completed second quarter, according to Millennial Media. Diving into those numbers, movie studios accounted for almost two-thirds – 63 percent – of the spending all by themselves, driven mainly by big mobile ad campaigns for Hollywood’s big summer movies.   Spending is […]

Be aware while using online banking

Phishing is a way of attempting to acquire sensitive information such as usernames, passwords and credit card details by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication. Be aware of fraudulent or fake web sites, untrustworthy websites, phishing (fishing) for personal information with fraudulent emails, Online auction frauds…. Please make sure when you pay online […]

Baseball brought hope back after 9/11

It is hard to believe that it has been a decade since the most tragic day in American history. The events of that day and the recovery following it have been well documented over the last ten years. The anniversary will always be a time of remembrance but it will also be a time to […]

Power of Social Media

As we are dealing with historical flooding here in New York State, I continue to be amazed at the power of social media.  The rivers have risen fast and by last Wednesday afternoon major flooding was occurring.  All schools in our county were closed Thursday and Friday, and we are still unsure of when the […]

iTunes U: Apple’s Unsung Mobile Learning Platform

There’s plenty of hyperbole when it comes to Apple’s impact on education and specifically on mobile learning. Cue claims of “revolution.” But most often when we do so, it’s to talk about Apple hardware or the thriving app ecosystem that’s grown up around it. iTunes U never gets as much attention as the rest of the […]